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In desprate need of cool ai for sale in Fort Worth, TX buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

Hello, I am disabled & a single mother, we live in a travel trailer. We have not been here very long & we just found out that the roof air conditioner no longer works, yeah for us right. We tried to buy a small window unit from someone, that did not work. It keeps it okay at like midnight, but throughout the day it is probally 90 or higher.The highe the temperature gets the worse I am getting, I am on medication that is not heat friendly. I've looked at units on here that are 12 to 15,000 which is at least what we need & they run very high for what I can afford. What I am asking is will someone please have mercy on my daughter & me & let me make payments on a window unit. As I said I need one that is at least 12,000 BTU's but preferably more than that, a remote control would be nice because it is extremely hard for me to get up & around. I understand that it is uncomfortable to agree on apayment arangement so I will sign a contract or whatever will make you feel better. We live in a park & do not travel with the trailer, matter of fact it is currently not able to do so. I am not in this to rip anyone of I am just in desperate need of some cool air in here before we pass out from heat exhaustion or worse for me because of my meds. Please email me with any details & I will contact you back, thank you so much. I really appreaciate all those out there that are willing to help those that need it!! - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist